Stainless Steel Chop Guard

Stainless Steel Chop Guard

If you are looking to make food prepping more efficient while keeping you well protected from potential slicing accidents, then the Stainless Steel Chop Guard is just what you need.

Chop up carrots, celery, cucumbers, chives, and many other ingredients with amazing ease when you use our easy-to-use Chop Guard.

If you are tired of prepping in a hurry and accidentally nicking yourself with your knife, this Chop Guard takes away all possibility of accidents and keeps you out of harm’s way making it essential for every home chef.


  • Crafted with quality stainless steel to make it easier to maintain while keeping you protected
  • Helps make food preparation safer and more efficient
  • Designed with a finger slot to help hold and maneuver Chop Guard
  • Was created at just the right size to keep all of your fingers protected when using our Chop Guard

Make food preparation easier and safer with our Stainless Steel Chop Guard and order yours online today!

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