Silicone Liquid Pot Drainer

Silicone Liquid Pot Drainer

Don't worry about your fruits or noodles falling out of the pout when emptying out the water with our Silicone Liquid Pot Drainer!

Two safety clasps at each end of the Pot Strainer securely hold onto the edge of the pot with a mesh silicone material that helps you drain your pot.

No more shouting out for help or accidentally spilling food when trying to empty a heavy pot. Just keep this Pot Drainer attached to any pot and you'll never have trouble draining anything ever again.


  • Made with premium silicone material
  • Helps you drain your pot without making a mess
  • Attaches securely to the edge of your pot without spilling
  • The silicone material is 100% heat resistant

Drain your pots mess-free with our Silicone Liquid Pot Drainer and order yours online today!

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