Fast Defrosting Plate

Fast Defrosting Plate

Thaw out frozen meats at twice the speed using our innovative Fast Defrosting Plates!

Place frozen beef, chicken, steak, lamb, ribs, or any other meat on top of the Defrosting Plate and like magic, it will start defrosting much quicker as opposed to leaving it in the sink at room temperature.

Using insulated heat-conducting material these defrosting plates quickly thaw out frozen food without actually getting hot. Making it safe for you to carry, transport, and touch without burning yourself!


  • Quickly defrost frozen meats
  • Made with premium aluminum metal
  • Thaws meat twice as quick as leaving it out in room temperature
  • Fits large meats like racks of ribs and New York strips
  • 30-60 minutes depending on the thickness of the meat

Thaw out all your frozen meats with twice the speed using our Fast Defrosting Plates and order yours online today!


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