Quick Speed Silicone Facial Scrubber

Quick Speed Silicone Facial Scrubber

Say goodbye to washcloths and loofah permanently with our Quick Speed Silicone Facial Scrubber!

This high-quality facial cleanser uses food-grade silicone bristles that remove all impurities from your skin and leave it glowing the rest of the day.

Not only does the facial scrubber keep your skin clean but it improves the blood circulation in your skin so your face looks alive and radiant!


  • 100% waterproof facial scrubber
  • Can be used in the shower for best results
  • Removes all impurities from your complexion
  • Restores the color and radiance back to your skin

Keep your skin glowing and radiant with our Quick Speed Silicone Facial Scrubber and order yours online today!

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