Easy Clean Dishwashing Silicone Gloves

Easy Clean Dishwashing Silicone Gloves

If traditional sponges and dish scrubbers don’t seem to get the job done anymore then our Easy Clean Dishwashing Silicone Gloves are a cool, fun, and effective alternative! 

Put your hands through the gloves and start scrubbing away at all your dishes and the strong silicone bristles will easily wipe away all food stains quicker than any sponge.

Now you can cut the time it takes you to do the dishes in half. No more wasting time hand scrubbing every single dish like those deep cups or big pots as this hand scrubber makes it easier and quicker than ever!

Don't just use it to clean dishes. These Silicone Gloves make cleaning any bathroom, car, clothes, or even fruit much easier so after the dishes are done you can go clean your car!


  • Available in several different color options
  • Made with BPA free materials
  • Can be used to clean dishes, clothes, cars, fruits, or toilets
  • Strong rubber bristles scrub away all food stains with ease
  • FDA approved

Wash your dishes with ease using our fun Easy Clean Dishwashing Silicone Gloves and order yours online today!

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